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3 Major Types Of Flea Treatment For Pets

For pet owners, fleas are a common problem as they are infesting all kinds of pets but cats and dogs are often the most affected. Being able to treat your pets for fleas and controlling them as soon as they’ve been eradicated is important to keep both your family and pet safe from these parasites. There are wide range of medication methods and medications on the other hand that may be chosen from, which causes confusion to numerous pet owners on how to select one for their pet.

As a matter of fact, the first step to make a smart decision is by familiarizing yourself with the different types of flea pet medications that are available and have information on how it works in controlling these pests. Basically, there are 3 categories of such products and these are collars, topical and oral medicines.

Flea collars – fact is, this is the first product manufactured for flea control that helps in eradicating fleas in pests. It’s introduced back in 64 and for decades, this was the only available method to control fleas. They’re still the popular choice as they are safe to use up to this date. Its effectiveness on the other hand has been in question sometimes. Slowly, the flea collars are working by releasing small amount of chemical that gradually spreads across the fur of your pet.

The area of fur that’s closes to the collar can get more protection while the areas that are further will get the least. But one great benefit for using flea collars is that, they are very effective when it comes to stopping tick bites as ticks normally attack around the ears, neck and head.

Flea topical – a major breakthrough in relation to flea treatment came with the onset of these topical. These are basically liquid pet medications being applied with just a couple of drop to the back of your pet. These topical are very popular as illustrated by known and leading brands.

Normally, topical is used by themselves but will not control the pest issue permanently but, they work better when it’s partnered with chemicals like methoprene which are applied to the environment of your pet in an effort to stop the adult parasite in developing a larvae.

Oral flea medicines – this can either come in pill or in liquid form and works from the inside out. They let pesticides to come out through the skin of your pet and therefore, killing ticks and fleas. These said medications however only have limited effect than topical and one dose can last for few days only.

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