White Rhino. The second largest animal after the elephant. Its height can reach 2 m, length 5 m, weight – more than 3 so Another 200-300 years ago rhinos calmly walked nosorog steppes and savannas of southern and Central Africa. Multiplies every 2 to 3 years. Black Rhino. Less than his neighbor: growth 140-150 cm, weight of 1.8 tons muzzle, two horns, sometimes three and even five. Length of the anterior horns usually about 50 cm, posterior horn is much shorter. Live in dry forests, savannas, semi-des10erts. Stay lonely. Total population in nature is about 10-30 thousand. Preserved only in the national parks. In zoos are rare. Now only a few thousand individuals. Rescued rhinos only the creation of reserves. Now often found in captivity and produce offspring. Killed rhinos credulity of the people. They were exterminated for the sake of horns, to whom he attributed medicinal qualities. And the white Rhino horn length 166 cm! Some people believe in the healing power of now though is the horn of the same substance as the nails of a person.